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[No. 6
How to find Sources

In addition to the works from which extracts are taken for this volume, and the titles of which appear at the ends of the pieces (for an enumeration, see No. 3 above), the following may be mentioned:—

Charles Lee, Memoirs. … To which are added his Political and Military Essays also, Letters to, and from many distinguished Characters, both in Europe and America. (Edited by Edward Langworthy.) London, 1792.
Christopher Marshall, Extracts from the Diary … kept in Philadelphia and Lancaster, during the American Revolution [1774-1781]. (Edited by William Duane.) Albany, 1877.
Return Jonathan Meigs, A Journal of Occurrences which happened … in the Detachment commanded by Colonel Benedictine Arnold. … (No place, no date.)
Gouverneur Morris, The Diary and Letters of Gouverneur Morris, Minister of the United States to France; Member of the Constitutional Convention, etc. (Edited by Anne C. Morris.) 2 vols. New York, 1888.
Count de Rochambeau, Memoirs … relative to the War of Independence of the United States. (Translated by M. W. E. Wright.) Paris, 1838.
Robert Rogers, Journals … containing an Account of the several Excursions he made under the Generals who commanded upon the Continent of North America during the late War. London, 1765.
Tench Tilghman, Memoir … together with an Appendix, containing Revolutionary Journals and Letters, hitherto unpublished. Albany, 1876.
Elkanah Watson, Men and Times of the Revolution; or, Memoirs … including Journals of Travels in Europe and America, from 1777 to 1842. New York. 1856.
George Whitefield, Journal of a Voyage from London to Savannah [Dec. 28th, 1737-May 7th, 1738.] London, 1739.—Also other editions.
Eliza Wilkinson, Letters … during the Invasion and Possession of Charles-town, S. C. by the British in the Revolutionary War. (Edited by Caroline Gilman.) New York, 1839.