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The Romanes Lecture 1892

1787.) See C. H. Kayser's Vollständiges Bücherlexicon (Leipsic, 1834), vol. i. p. 400. Compare O. Zoeckler, Geschichte der Beziehungen zwischen Theologie und Naturwissenschaft (Gütersloh, 1875), vol. ii. p. 251, note 42).

Jos. Butler.—L'Analogie de la Religion naturelle et révelée, avec l'ordre et le cours de la nature, par J. B. Traduit de l'anglais. (Paris, 1821.) See Brunet, Table Méthodique, No. 1,800.

On the 27th, Dr. Reich added a list of notices of Butler by German and French writers.

The following Continental works contain elaborate notices and appreciations of the Bishop's leading ideas:—

Schroeckh.—Christliche Kirchengeschichte seit der Reformation (Leipsic, 1804–1812), part vi. p. 231 sq.

Henke (H. Ph. C).—Allgemeine Geschichte der Christlichen Kirche (Brunswick, 1818 sq.), part vi. p. 136.

Zoeckler (Otto).—Theologia Naturalis (in German). Frankfort-on-Main, 1860, pp. 100–102.

Zoeckler (Otto).—Geschichte der Beziehungen zwischen Theologie und Naturwissenschaft (Gütersloh, 1879), part ii. pp. 80–82.

Jouffroy (Th. S.).—Cours de Droit naturel (Paris, 1843), 19me leçon.

Carrau (L.).—La Philosophie religieuse en Angleterre depuis Locke jusqu'à nos jours, chapters ii and iii (Paris, 1888).

This list might have been enlarged by reference to Lotze and, I believe, to others.

But on the question of translations I have still to observe as follows.

1. It does not appear, thus far, that any work of Butler except the Analogy, and in particular that the Sermons, have ever been translated.

2. The only translation executed into any tongue except the German appears to have been that of 1821, in French. But my venerated friend, the Bishop of Bath and Wells,