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up with aconite and used for shooting bears and other animals.

Wosa, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). n, An instrument consisting of three bars used in weaving cloth.
Wose, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). v.i. To howl, as a dog or wolf.
Wose-kamui, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). n. A wolf. Canis familiaris, (Yessoana). A word sometimes applied to howling dogs. Syn: Horokeu.
Woya, (Symbol missingJapanese characters) adj. Different. Syn: Aja. Woya.

Y ().
Ya, (Symbol missingJapanese characters) part. This particle is often used at the end of a sentence to express interrogation; but when used after an answer to a question it becomes an affirmative particle, the difference in meaning being indicated by the tone of voice. Thus:—Oman ya? "has he gone," Oman ya "he has gone."
Ya, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). post. Whether. Or.
'Ya………ya, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). post. Whether………or. As:—Tambe ne ya, nei ambe ne ya? nu yan, "ask whether it is thisor that." Anukarape hene ya-wendarap hene ya, ku eramushkari, "I do not know whether it was a thing seen (vision) or a dream."

Ya, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). n. A net. As:—Ya amba, "the floats attached to a fish net." Ya shittu, "the meshes of a net." Ya oshke, "to net." Ya tambushi, "to mend a net." Ya ereba, "to set a net in the sea." Ya turuba, to set a net from the seashore.
Ya, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). n. Land, (as opposed to sea). A high rock. As:—Ya peka ek a, rep peka ek a? "did you come by land or sea?" Ya sosh, "strata or layers of earth."
Yachi, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). n. A swamp. Syn: Opuruse-i.
Yachi-an, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). adj. Muddy. Swampy.
Yai, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). reflex. pro. Self. This word is only used as a compound. As: —Yai-raige, "to kill one's self."; "to commit suicide."