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Yai, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). exclam. An exclamation used in calling to a person to attract attention. Ho! As:—Yai ek! "ho come."?

Yaiamkire, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). v.i. To know.

Yaian, (Symbol missingJapanese characters) adj. Independent. Of one's self.

Yai-arakare, (Symbol missingJapanese characters) v.i. To hurt one's self. As:—Nei no e ki chiki e yai arakare nangoro gusu, iteki ki yan, "do not do so for you will probably hurt yourself if you do."

Yaiashin, (Symbol missingJapanese characters). v.i. To come out of one's self.

Yaiashish, v.t. To avert. To ward eff.

Yaiateraige, v.i. To hang one's self.

Yaiattasa, or Yaiyattasa, v.t. To give in return for something received. To recompense. To requite. To punish. As : — Aikorep an gusu yaiattasa ku ki na, " I will recompense him for his gift." Nei no okai wenbe en otta e ki gusu, ku yaaitasa ku ki kusu ne na, " I will requite you for doing such evil things to me."

Yaiattasap, n. A recompense.

Yaichepekote, v.i. To die of hunger. Syn : Yaikemekote. Kem-ekot

Yaichinane, v.i. To make water. To urinate.

Yaichishte, v.t. To mourn for the dead. To bewail the dead.

Yaichishte-guru, n. A mourner.

Yaieashkaire, v.t. To learn. Syn : Eyai-hannokkara.

Yaieashpa, To forget one's own faults especially when remembering or speaking of those of others. As : —Iteki yaieashpa toan wen guru ! "you bad person, do not forget your own faults I " (Lit: — To be deaf to one's self.

Yaieattarashi, v.i. To be indifferent. Regardless. Careless. Syn : Rengaine iki.

Yaiehororose, v.i. To stir one's self up to do anything. (Lit : to set one's self at).

Yai-eihok-guru, n. A harlot. (Lit: a self seller). Syn: Yai eiyok guru.

Yaieinukuri, v.i. To be diffident about something.

Yaietunnap, v.t. To envy. To be jealous of another.

Yaieiwangere, v.t To minister. To serve another. Syn : Shieiwangeyara.

Yaiekatuwen, v.t. To insult. To treat