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Atlantic returns from Bengal.—Account received of Bryant and his Companions.—Ration still further reduced.—Quantity of provisions received from Calcutta.—The Britannia arrives from England.—Ration increased.—Convict emancipated.—Public works.—The Britannia cleared.—Survey of Provisions.—Intelligence from Norfolk Island.

X. A vessel from America arrives.—Part of her cargo purchased.—George Barrington and others emancipated.—The Royal Admiral sails.—Arrival of the Kitty transport.—1001l. received by her.—Hospital built at Parramatta.—Harvest begun at Toongabbe.—Ration increased.—State of the cultivation previous to the Governor’s departure.—Governor Phillip sails for England.—Regulations made by the Lieutenant-Governor.—The Hope, an American ship, arrives.—Her cargo purchased for the colony.—The Chesterfield whaler arrives.—Extreme heat and conflagration.—Deaths in 1792.—Regulations respecting divine service.—The Hope sails.—The Bellona arrives.—Cargo damaged.—Information.—Two women and a child drowned.—Ration.—Kangooroo ground opened.—Settlers.—Transactions.—The Shah Hormuzear arrives.—Sickness and death.—Two Spanish ships arrive. 186
XI. The Spanish ships sail.—The Chesterfield returns from Norfolk Island.—A contract entered into for bringing cattle from India.—The Dædalus arrives.—Cattle lost.—Discoveries by Captain Vancouver.—Two natives of New Zealand brought in.—Bengal ship sails.—Phœnomenon in the sky.—Lands cleared by officers.—Mutiny on board the Kitty.—His Majesty’s birth-day.—State of the provision stores.—The Britannia arrives.—Loss of cattle.—General account of cattle purchased, lost in the passage, and landed in New South Wales.—Natives.—The Dædalus sails for Nootka.—Temporary church founded.—Criminal Court.—Counterfeit dollars in circulation.—Two soldiers desert.—The Boddington arrives.—General Court Martial held.—The Britannia chartered for Bengal.—Irish convicts steal a boat.—The Sugar-Cane arrives.—Intended mutiny on board prevented.—Excursion to the westward. 206
XII. The Boddington and Sugar-Cane sail.—A mill erected.—Thefts committed.—Two persons killed by lightning.—The Fairy arrives.—Farms sold.—The Francis returns from New Zealand.—Ration altered.—Transactions.—Harvest begun.—Criminal Court held.—A