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tions.—Whale.—Governor Phillip wounded by a native.—Intercourse opened with the natives.—Great haul of fish.—Convicts abscond with a boat.—Works.—Want of rain.

VII. Natives.—The Supply returns from Batavia.—Transactions there.—Criminal courts.—A boat with five people lost.—Public works.—A convict wounded by a native.—Armed parties sent out to avenge him.—A Dutch vessel arrives with supplies from Batavia.—Decrease by sickness and casualties in 1790.—A native killed.—Signal colours stolen.—The Supply sails for Norfolk Island.—Public works.—Terms offered for the hire of the Dutch snow to England.—The Supply returns with Captain Hunter from Norfolk Island.—Transactions.—The Supply sails again for Norfolk Island, and the Waaksamheyd for England.—William Bryant and other convicts escape.—Ration reduced.—Orders respecting marriage.—Port regulations. 115
VIII. The Supply arrives from Norfolk Island.—A canoe destroyed;–its evil effects.—Corn sown.—Battery begun.—Ground inclosed for cattle.—The Mary Ann arrives.—Ration improved.—The Matilda arrives.—The Mary Ann sails for Norfolk Island.—Settlers.—The Atlantic and Salamander arrive.—Full ration issued.—The William and Ann arrives.—Natives.—Public works.—The Salamander sails for, and the Mary Ann arrives from, Norfolk Island.—The Gorgon arrives.—Commission of emancipation, and public seal.—The Active and Queen arrive.—Complaints against the master of the Queen.—The Albemarle arrives.—Mutiny on board.—Transactions.—Public works.—Irish convicts abscond.—Whale fishery.—Ration altered.—Supply sails for England.—Grounds in cultivation.—Sick.—Whale fishery given up.—Marines embark.—Ration reduced.—Convicts emancipated.—Deaths in 1791. 132
IX. The Queen sails for Norfolk Island.—Whalers on their fishing voyages.—Convicts missing.—Depredations.—Proclamation.—Convict executed.—The Pitt with Lieutenant-Governor Grose arrives.—Goods selling.—Sickness.—The Pitt sails.—Mr. Burton killed.—Stormy weather.—Public works.—Regulations respecting persons who had served their terms of transportation.—Natives.—Mortality in April.—Appearance and state of the convicts.—Ration again reduced.—Quantity of flour in Store.—Settlers.—State of transactions with the natives.—Public works.—Average prices of grain, &c. at Sydney and at Parramatta.—Mortality decreases.—King’s birth-day.—The
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