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tives.—A convict murdered.—The Supply returns.—Settlement at Rose-hill.—Store-ships sail for England.—A native taken and brought up to the settlement.—Weather.—Climate.—Report of Deaths.

III. New Year’s Day—Her Majesty’s birth-day.—Convicts, how employed.—Their disposition to idleness and vice.—How occupied.—The Supply sails for Norfolk Island.—Public works.—Natives.—Convicts killed.—Stores robbed.—The Supply returns.—Insurrection projected at Norfolk Island.—Hurricane there.—Small-pox among the Natives.—Captain Hunter in the Sirius returns with supplies from the Cape of Good Hope.—Danger of wandering in the forests of an unknown country.—Convicts perform a play.—A reinforcement sent to Norfolk Island.—Governor Phillip makes an excursion of discovery. Transactions.—Hawkesbury River discovered.—Important papers left behind in England. 45
IV. Intelligence from Norfolk Island.—Police established at the principal settlement.—A successful haul of fish.—Provisions begin to sail.—Natives.—A launch completed.—Rats.—Ration reduced to two-thirds.—The Sirius returns to the Cove.—One of her mates lost in the woods.—the Supply sails for Norfolk Island.—A female convict executed.—Two natives taken.—Lieutenant Dawes's excursion.—The Supply returns.—Transactions. 66
V. The Supply sails again for Norfolk Island.—A pleasing delusion.—Extraordinary draught of fish.—The Supply returns from Norfolk Island.—A large number of settlers sent thither on board the Sirius and Supply.—Heavy rains.—Scarcity of provisions increasing to an alarming degree.—News brought of the loss of the Sirius.—Allowance of provisions still lower reduced.—The Supply sent to Batavia for relief.—Robberies frequent and daring.—Rose Hill.—Salt, and fishing-lines made.—The natives escape.—Transactions. 78
VI. The Lady Juliana transport arrives from England.—The Guardian.—His Majesty’s birth-day.—Thanksgiving for his Majesty’s recovery.—The Justinian store-ship arrives.—Full ration ordered.—Three transports arrive.—Horrid state of the convicts on board.—Sick landed.—Instance of sagacity in a dog.—Mortality and number of sick.—A town marked out at Rose Hill.—Works in hand at Sydney.—Instructions respecting grants of land.—Boat upset and people drowned.—Convicts' claims on the master of the Neptune.—Transac-