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murdered.—The murderers tried and executed.—The Hilsborough arrives from England.—Mortality on board.—The Governor visits the settlers upon George’s river.—The Norfolk sloop returns from an excursion to the northward.—Account of her proceedings.—Enters Shoal-Bay.—Particulars respecting it.—Enters Glass-house Bay.—Lieutenant Flinders meets some natives.—Particulars.—Point Skirmish.—Proceeds to a river in Glass-house Bay.

XXIII. Further proceedings in Glass-house Bay.—Red Cliff Point.—Moreton Bay.—The sloop prepared for an attack on the natives.—The event.—Enter Pumice-stone river.—See some natives.—The leak in the sloop stopped.—Interviews with natives.—Mr. Flinders visits the Glass-house Peaks.—Account of the country.—Return down the river.—Other interviews with natives.—Their manner of singing.—Dancing.—Other particulars of, and some conjectures respecting them—Quit Pumice-stone river and Glass-house Bay.—The Norfolk proceeds to Hervey’s Bay.—Some account of it.—She returns to Port Jackson.—Public works.—The Governor crosses the Nepean.—The Reliance sails for Norfolk Island.—The Walker arrives from England with Lieutenant-Colonel Paterson.—Dispatches received.—Storm of wind.—Settlers dissatisfied.—A Spanish prize arrives.—A criminal court held.—Gaol burnt at Parramatta. 504
XXIV. The Swallow packet arrives, on her way to China.—Articles sold.—The Minerva arrives from Ireland with convicts; and the Fhynne from Bengal.—Three settlers tried for murdering two natives.—A soldier shoots himself.—A whaler, with a Spanish vessel, her prize, arrives.—The Hunter from Calcutta, and the Friendship with Irish convicts, arrive.—Inutility of some of these prisoners.—Tax on spirits to complete the gaol.—A mountain eagle shot.—Flood occasioned by bad weather.—Criminal-court held.—The Speedy arrives from England, with Lieutenant-Governor King.—The Buffalo from the Cape.—Reports of seditious meetings.—Correspondence relative to Indian convicts, and persons at Calcutta wishing to become settlers in New South Wales.—Five men executed.—The Buffalo ordered for sea.—Cattle purchased.—Spirits landed and seized—Death of Wilson.—Rumours of insurrection renewed.—Volunteer corps.—The Governor quits the settlement.—Live stock, &c.—The Buffalo sails for England; touches at Norfolk Island.—Conclusion; with Vocabularies of the Languages of New South Wales and New Zealand. 521