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February.—The Francis returns from Preservation Island.—A trusty person sent to look for a salt hill, said to be discovered.—The wild cattle seen.—A new animal, the Wom-bat, found.—Some Irish runaways give themselves up.—The criminal court meets.—Three men executed.—Discoveries prosecuted.—An old woman accused of dreaming.

XX. The Nautilus arrives from Otaheite.—Missionaries.—The Barwell arrives.—A Judge Advocate sent out.—Natives.—Ground fixed on for the missionaries.—The Hunter arrives from Bengal.—Regulations.—The commander of the Sydney-Cove dies.—Three southern whalers arrive, and an American from the Isle of France.—A transport with female convicts arrives from England.—Natives.—An extraordinary custom among them.—The Barwell sails.—The Semiramis arrives from Rhode Island.—The church at Sydney burnt.—Reflections.—Some vessels sail; the Nautilus and Norfolk for Van Diemen’s Land.—Another fire in the town.—A ship arrives from the Cape with cattle.—Bennillong.—The Governor’s steward destroys himself.—State of the harvest.—The Francis returns.—A battery.—Return of stock and cultivated land.—Unruly behaviour of the Irish.—The Norfolk sloop returns from Van Diemen’s Land.—Particulars.—Curious petrifactions.—The Wom-bat described. 448
XXI. The Norfolk proceeds on her voyage.—Discover Port Dalrymple.—Account of the country within it.—Natural production.—Animals.—Sagacity and numbers of the black swan.—Inhabitants.—Range of the thermometer.—Pass Table Cape.—Proceed to the southward and westward.—The Norfolk passes the Strait.—Observations thereon.—Proceeds to the southward.—De Witt’s Isles.—Enter the Derwent River.—Observations on the Derwent.—Some natives seen.—Particulars of one.—Venomous snake.—Comparison between New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land.—Arrive at Port Jackson.—Advantages of Bass Strait. 471
XXII. Agricultural concerns.—The Criminal Court assembled.—A man tried for killing a native.—Two men executed.—The public gaol burnt.—Observations.—Great drought.—A flood at the river.—Natives.—A Spanish prize arrives.—Norfolk Island.—Resources in New South Wales.—The Buffalo arrives from England, and brings cattle from the Cape.—Natives.—Tempestuous weather.—Effects.—The Albion whaler arrives from England.—Her quick passage.—A Missionary