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The Three Cranberries Chippewa Fable 467
The Bear and the Rabbit "Myths of the Cherokee" 467
The Owl and the Lemming Eskimo Fable 468
The Owl and the Two Rabbits "The Eskimo in Baffin Land" 469
Why the Bears Have Short Tails "Myths of the Cherokee" 469
The Measure-worm Rock Meewock Legend 470
The Catfish and the Moose Menomeni Fable 471
The Pigeon-hawk and the Tortoise "Indian Tales and Researches" 472
The Wind and the Duck Indian Fable 473
The Lynx and the Hare " 474
The Wildcat and the Rabbit "Myths of the Cherokee" 475
How the Rabbit Escaped From the Wolves " 475
How the Terrapin Escaped From the Wolves " 476
How the Redbird Got His Color " 478
The Humming-bird and the Crane " 479
How the Deer Got His Horns " 480
How the Wildcat Got Its Spots " 481
The Rabbit and the Possum after A Wife " 482
The Mink, the Pike and the Pickerel Menomeni Folklore 483
The Linnet and the Eagle Ojibway Fable 485