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"The Mouse besought him to spare one who had so unconsciously offended" Frontispiece
"'How dare you muddle the water that I am drinking?'" 10
"A Dolphin, taking him for a man, went to his assistance." 30
"The Stork was as hungry at the end of the dinner as when she began." 52
"'Now then!' cried the Eagle." 70
"The Frog took a sudden plunge to the bottom." 88
"'It is one thing to be running for your dinner, and another for your life.'" 114
"'Alas, what deadly danger threatens us!'" 130
"He exercised his prerogative by devouring a pigeon a day." 140
"Exasperation sharpened her wits." 162
"The covetous traveller made up his mind to trust the Tiger." 182
"They amused themselves by ringing it all the time." 194
"'You simpleton!' said the Camel, 'what have you done?'" 242
"'If you do not open your shell . . . there will be a dead Mussel.'" 258
"The Peacock insisted on being painted first." 262
"'There is a sound of a bone in my ears, and the feel of a bone between my teeth.'" 272
"'If the ducks can swim there, why can't I?'" 310
"'Of him, at least, I'll make short work.'" 348
"Splash, dash, he had reached the opposite side." 394
"'How ever did you reach this height?' asked the Eagle." 412
"'Certainly, my grandson,' said the Elephant." 460
"'The more it hurts, the more fish you will have.'" 470
"'Let's have a dance over him.'" 474
"She did not know that the Crane could fly at night." 480