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SINCE the appearance of the last edition of the Authorised Daily Prayer-book, the Community has had to mourn an irreparable loss in the death of the Rev. Simeon Singer, ע״ה.

The Jewish Religious Education Board gratefully records the fact that to his initiative and untiring labours the publication of seven editions, numbering eighty-three thousand copies, is due. The Prayer-book has found a place in nearly every Jewish house in the British Empire, and in many homes in the United States. The translation, couched as it is in terse and prayerful language, is a splendid monument, not merely of his scholarship and mastery of English style, but of his absorbing love of his faith and of his devoted zeal as a Jewish Minister.

HENRY LUCAS, President of the Jewish Religious Education Board.

LONDON, Nissan, 5668.—April, 1908.