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SINCE the Singer Prayer Book was first issued twenty-two years ago, 108,000 copies have been circulated, and the Eighth edition has now become exhausted. The stereotype plates hitherto used were found to be no longer in a condition to ensure accuracy of printing, and, in order to produce the Ninth edition, much work was found necessary in the correction of defects caused by wear. A committee of members of the Jewish Religious Education Board, under the general direction of the Rev. Michael Adler, have undertaken this duty, gladly availing themselves of the opportunity of thus showing their affection for the memory of the translator.

In the present edition, the Service for Friday Evenings has been printed in complete form, and the Prayer for the Royal Family has been brought up-to-date.

Besides the thick paper and thin paper editions in which the Prayer Book has hitherto appeared, a large paper edition is being prepared which will be bound to suit special requirements. Arrangements have also been made with Mr. Israel Abrahams to issue an annotated edition, for which he has written comments and explanations incorporating materials prepared for the purpose by Mr. Singer.

Arthur E. Franklin,

President of the Jewish Religious Education Board.

LONDON, Ab, 5672—July, 1912.