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This page needs to be proofread.


A c = the Parisian manuscript (1741) of the llth century : generally but perhaps on insuffi- cient evidence supposed to be the archetype from which all other extant MSS. directly or indirectly are derived.

Apogr. = one or more of the MSS. other than A c .

Arabs = the Arabic version of the Poetics (Paris 882 A), of the middle of the 10th century, a version independent of our extant MSS. (The quota- tions in the critical notes are from the literal Latin translation of this version, as given in Margoliouth's Analecta Orientalia.)

Aid. = the Aldine edition of Rhetores Graeci, published in 1508.

Vahlen = Vahlen's text of the Poetics Ed. 3.

Vahlen coni. = a conjecture of Vahlen, not admitted by him into the text.

[ ] = words with manuscript authority (including A c ), which should be deleted from the text.

< > = a conjectural supplement to the text.

  • * = a lacuna in the text.

f = words which are corrupt but have not been satis- factorily restored.