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Indexes and other Auxiliary Matter

Pāipp.[1] to the Vulgate anuvāka-hymn, or book, xvii., and the representative verse of Vulgate xviii. —It appears, finally, that anuvāka 5, containing the representative citations from Vulgate books xv. and xvi., consists of hardly 16 lines. The fact that so brief a passage should figure in the text as an anuvāka (it is expressly so called in its colophon: 238 a 12) must, I think, be interpreted as indicating that these books were acknowledged as a part of the text by the text-makers (so Roth and Whitney: cf. p. 794). —The colophon of anuvāka 3, we may add, appears to be somewhat misplaced: another case of misdivision (cf. p. 814).⌋

⌊By way of correction to p. 794, line 10, we may add that Roth errs in saying that xvi. 8. 1 is given in Pāipp.; its pratīka is like that of 9. 1, but the facsimile actually shows 9. 1 and not 8. 1. This is in accord with the general method of scribal abbreviation (cf. p. cxx), for 9. 1 is the last paryāya, and the abbreviated book thus appears to be represented, as it should be, by the beginning and end of each of its two anuvākas. —A similar error has arisen at p. 884, in my second addition to the note on xviii. 4. 49, where this verse is said to come immediately after the end of Vulgate xvii. in Pāipp. The error is due to a slip of Roth's, who, in his Collation, had written xviii. 4. 49 where he should have written xviii. 4. 89. The latter is the last verse of xviii., and is therefore the one that we should expect as representative verse. The addition should be transposed from p. 884 to p. 894.⌋

Explanation of the table.—The table follows the sequence of the hymns of the Vulgate, book by book. At the left of each column is the number of the hymn. Then follows the word "has," with the number of verses of which the hymn consists and a colon. If the hymn is lacking in Pāipp., the colon and all else is omitted. Otherwise, after the colon comes the word "at" and then the number of the leaf of Roth's Kashmirian nāgarī transcript (p. lxxxi) on which the beginning of the correspondent of the Vulgate passage concerned occurs, with the recto or verso of the leaf indicated by a or b. At the right is added in Roman numerals, immediately after the word "in," the book of the Kashmirian recension to which the passage concerned belongs. It is to be understood that the Vulgate passage includes the whole hymn unless the contrary is indicated by the specification of the verses of the hymn between the colon and the word "at." The number specifying the verses is to be understood as an ordinal throughout division I. and the Supplement (the short hymns). Elsewhere (that is, throughout divisions II. and III., the hymns of many verses) it is to be understood as a cardinal, and the abbreviation vss. or vs. is added. To find which verses of a given hymn are meant and the

  1. ⌊There is no special colophon for this anuvāka, its place being taken by the colophon for the whole book.⌋