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5. Pāippalāda and Vulgate Correspondents

details of their order, the reader will have to consult the introduction to that hymn (cf. the introduction to ix. 3 or 4 or x. 2 or xi. 6).⌋

Manner of using the table.—Example: to find in the facsimile of the birch-bark ms. the Pāippalada passage corresponding to Vulgate xix. 50. 5. First find in the table the number of the leaf of Roth's Kashmirian nāgarī transcript, which is 196 b. Then find in the facsimile the number 196 b, noted in the margin in Roth's hand. Between that and 197 a will be found the beginning of the passage required, which in this case will be at line 1 of birch-bark folio 158 b, on plate 286, and in the Second Part. The passage belongs to book xiv. of the Kashmirian recension.⌋

⌊Users of the table will find it convenient to note clearly in pencil on the margin of each plate of the facsimile the number of the leaf of the transcript opposite the place where Roth has written it on the birch-bark original, since, by reason of repairs to the original or otherwise, Roth's numbers are sometimes hard to make out when taken singly. When taken together in their regular sequence, they can usually be identified with ease. Thus the 197 a on plate 286 (just cited) is very faint indeed; but the 197 b (some five inches lower down) is so plain that it enables us to identify the 197 a. Of the references to Roth's Kashmirian nāgarī transcript on the first 42 plates, only a few can be made out easily (6 a, 6 b, 7 a, 8 a, 11 b, 12 a, 12 b, 13 b, 14 a, 15 b, 16 a); but beginning with 19 a, on plate 43, there is usually little difficulty.⌋

Tabular Concordance.—The table now follows on the next six pages. It is made up into pages in such a way as to give incidentally a good idea of the structure of the Vulgate text; and the same purpose I have endeavored to subserve also in the arrangement of the Table of Hymn-titles (pages 1024-1037); see especially pages 1034 and 1035.⌋