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Indexes and other Auxiliary Matter

8. Brief Index of Names and Things and Words and Places

An elaborate index uncalled for here.—The existence of Whitney's complete and accurate Index Verborum to the AV. makes needless a full index of Sanskrit words for this work. Again, since the whole text is treated, each place or passage in its natural order, an index of places is also unnecessary. Moreover, an excellent English index of names and things is furnished by Griffith in his Translation. The following index, therefore, may legitimately be kept within very narrow limits. Its purpose is merely to aid in finding a few matters which are not to be found by the help of Whitney or Griffith. On the other hand, it is obvious that it would be possible and most useful to make for this work an exceedingly detailed index, giving, for example, under the heading Surd and sonant interchanged, every case of that kind to be found by careful comparison of the Atharvan text with the variants reported in this work. Such an index would be practically a collection of brief essays upon the subjects named in its headings, and would involve (see p. xxxvii, ¶2) a variety of special investigations which are too large to be undertaken here and must be left for another occasion. I hope that the student of this work will find the arrangement of the matter of the General Introduction so clear, and the analytical table of contents so thorough and perspicuous, that the absence of a detailed index to the matter of the Introduction will not be felt.⌋

⌊Arabic numerals by themselves refer to the pages of the main body of this work, the "Translation and Notes"; Roman numerals by themselves refer to the pages of volume VII. which precede the "Translation and Notes." Numerals in groups refer to book and hymn and verse, or rather to the notes thereon.⌋

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