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8. Index of Names, Things, Words, Places.

Delbrück, B., lxxvii, note

Diarrhœa caused by fear, iii. 2. 5

Eleven dishes, deposition of, xviii. 4. 16

Ell-brackets, use of, explained, xxviii, c

Endings, of words, abbreviated, xix. 59. 1

Errors, remarkable series of, xxxvi, note. See Auditory errors and Visual errors

Faulty assimilation of endings, xviii. 4. 87 [cf. Album-Kern, p. 303]

Garbe, Richard, xl, xliv, note, lxxxii

Geldner, Karl F., xliv, note, 816, etc.

Genders, confused?, xiv. 2. 30

Glosses, hypermetric, xciii

Grierson, George A., xl, v. 13. 5

Griffith's translations, Barth on, xcv, note

Hadley, James, xlix, xliii

Halévy, J., on hrūḍu, i. 25. 2

Haplography, cases of, Ixxxiii, xciii, iv. 5. 5; xv. 7. 1

Henri d'Orléans, Prince, on a symbolic practice, vii. 38. 5

Henry, Victor, on hrūḍu, i. 25. 2

Hopkins, E. W., xl, xlviii, xii. i. 51

Index Verborum in fuller form, Whitney's unpublished MS. thereof, xxv, note

Infelicities of expression in the translation, xxxvii, xcviii

Integer vitae, lxxviii

Jacobi, Hermann, xl

Kaegi, Adolf, xliv, note

Karait, venomous little snake, v. 13. 5

Lindner, Bruno, xliv, note

Mahā-bhārata, possible reminiscence of AV. in the, x. 4. 9; verse in AV. resembling adages of, v. 19. 9

Māitrāyaṇī, peculiar orthography of, disregarded, xc

Manuscript D. confused with Op., lxv

Manuscripts, designations of, explained, cix

Messengers of Yama, xviii. 2. 27

Milky Way, vi. 128. 4.

Misdivision between hymns, clx, near end, i. 20. 4 and introd. to i. 21, 1016

Mixed construction, xiv. 2. 72

Moore, George F., xl, xiv. 2. 14

Morgan, Morris H., xl

One hundred and one, i. 30. 3; iii. 11. 5; viii. 2. 27; xi. 6. 16

Pada-pāṭha, blunders of, lxix, xiii. 3. 17; xix. 26. 3; etc.

Paritta, as name for sixteenth book, clviii, note, xv, cxlv, 792, 1023, 1035; as name for the hymn iii. 26, introduction to iii. 26

Pearls formed from rain-drops, introd. to iv. 10

Pischel, Richard, xci, xviii. 1. 1; etc.

Play of words, xviii. 3. 29

Prākritism in orthography, iii. 12. 4; x. 9. 23; xix. 8. 4 [cf. Album-Kern, p. 302]

Protests: against issue of works in confusing subdivisions, xxv, note ; against separate pagination of reprints, xcix, note

Rain-drops become pearls, introd. to iv. 10

Reprints, see Protests

Ryder, A. W., xxxix, lxxxvi, 420, 515, 579, 663, 664, 702, 739, 1039, 1040

Salisbury, Edward E., xliii, xliv, note, xlix, l

Sense-equivalent variants, lxxx, xviii. 2. 16

Seventh book, exceptional character of, cli; one verse its norm, cxlix

Shadow, loss of, xiii. i. 56

Shuffling of pādas, xviii. 2. 2; 3. 38; 3. 47

Sleep and Death, xix. 56. 1

Smith, Theobald, xl, v. 13. 4

Snake-poison, autotoxic action of, v. 13. 4; vii. 88. 1; x. 4. 26

Suggestions for future work relating to the AV.: in general, xxxvii, ¶2, 1042; edition of Pañcapaṭalikā, lxxii; edition of Major Anukramaṇī, lxxii, 1038; edition of Kashmirian text, lxxxvi; sifting of various interpretations, xxxi; criticism of the Pada-pāṭha, lxix; comparison of grouping of mantras in the ritual and in the saṁhitā, lxxv; critical study of hymns that exceed the normal length, cliii and note; question of identity of Sāyaṇa of RV. with "Sāyaṇa" of AV., lxviii; publication of Roth's exegetical notes, xcvi

Suggestions for future work relating to the RV., xxxvii, xxxviii

Suggestions of Roth for future work, xxxviii, note

Surd and sonant confused, lxxxiii, xcii, ii. 13. 3; xiv. 1. 45; xviii. 2. 14; 1045

Tears destroy peace of the dead, xiv. 2. 59