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Books for the Study of Indo-Iranian Languages

(Sanskrit, Prākrit, Pāli, Avestan)

Literatures, Religions, and Antiquities

Published by Messrs. Ginn & Company

Boston, New York, Chicago, and London

Whitney's Sanskrit Grammar. A Sanskrit Grammar, including both the classical language, and the older dialects, of Veda and Brāhmaṇa. By William Dwight Whitney, [late] Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology in Yale University. Third (reprinted from the second, revised and extended) edition. 1896. 8vo. xxvi + 552 pages. Cloth: Mailing price, $3.20, Paper: $2.90.

Cappeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary. A Sanskrit-English Dictionary. Based upon the St. Petersburg Lexicons. By Carl Cappeller, Professor at the University of Jena. Royal 8vo. Cloth. viii + 672 pages. By mail, $6.25.

Lanman's Sanskrit Reader. A Sanskrit Reader: with Vocabulary and Notes. By Charles Rockwell Lanman, Professor of Sanskrit in Harvard University. For use in colleges and for private study. Royal 8vo. Complete: Text, Notes, and Vocabulary, xxiv + 405 pages. Cloth: Mailing price, $2.00. Text alone, for use in examinations, 106 pages. Cloth: Mailing price, 85 cents. Notes alone, viii + 109 pages. Cloth: Mailing price, 85 cents.

This Reader is constructed with special reference to the needs of those who have to use it without a teacher. The text is in Oriental characters. The selections are from the Mahā-bhārata, Hitopadeça, Kathā-sarit-sāgara, Laws of Manu, the Rigveda, the Brāhmaṇas, and the Sūtras. The Sanskrit words of the Notes and Vocabulary are in English letters. The Notes render ample assistance in the interpretation of difficult passages.

Sanskrit Text in English Letters. Parts of Nala and Hitopadeça in English Letters. Prepared by Charles R. Lanman. Royal 8vo. Paper. vi + 44; pages. Mailing price, 30 cents.

The Sanskrit text of the first forty-four pages of Lanman's Reader, reprinted in English characters.

Perry's Sanskrit Primer. A Sanskrit Primer: based on the Leitfaden für den Elementarcursus des Sanskrit of Prof. Georg Bühler of Vienna. By Edward Delavan Perry, Professor of Greek in Columbia University, New York. 1885. 8vo. xii + 230 pages. Mailing price, $1.60.