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Kaegi's Rigveda. The Rigveda: the Oldest Literature of the Indians. By Adolf Kaegi, Professor in the University of Zürich. Authorized translation [from the German], with additions to the notes, by Robert Arrowsmith, Ph.D. 1886. 8vo. Cloth, viii + 198 pages. Mailing price, $1.65.

Hopkins's Religions of India. The Religions of India. By Edward Washburn Hopkins, Professor of Sanskrit in Yale University. 1895. 12mo. Cloth, xvi + 612 pages. Mailing price, $2.20.

This is the first of Professor Morris Jastrow's Series of Handbooks on the History of Religions. The book gives an account of the religions of India in the chronological order of their development. Extracts are given from Vedic, Brahmanic, Jain, Buddhistic, and later sectarian literatures.

Jackson's Avesta Reader. Avesta Reader: First Series. Easier texts, notes, and vocabulary. By A. V. Williams Jackson. 1893. 8vo. Cloth, viii + 112 pages. Mailing price, $1.85.

The selections include passages from Yasna, Visparad, Yashts, and Vendidad, and the text is based on Geldner's edition. The book is intended for beginners.