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Austen Sanditon and other miscellanea - Cancelled chapter of persuasion - Headpiece.png


With all this knowledge of Mr. Elliot, and this authority to impart it, Anne left Westgate Buildings, her mind deeply busy in revolving what she had heard, feeling, thinking, recalling and foreseeing everything; shocked at Mr. Elliot, sighing over future Kellynch, and pained for Lady Russell, whose confidence in him had been entire. The Embarrassment which must be felt from this hour in his presence! How to behave to him? how to get rid of him? what to do by any of the Party at home? where to be blind? where to be active? It was altogether a confusion of Images and Doubts, a perplexity, an agitation which she could not see the end of, and she was in Gay Street and still so much engrossed, that she started on being addressed by Admiral Croft, as if he were a person unlikely to be met there. It was within a few steps of his own door. 'You are going to call upon my wife,' said he; 'she will be very glad to see you.' Anne denied it. 'No, she really had not time, she was in her way home.' But while she spoke, the Admiral had stepped back and knocked at the door, calling out, 'Yes, yes, do go in; she is all alone; go in and rest yourself.' Anne felt so little disposed at this time to be in company of any sort, that it vexed her to be thus constrained; but she was obliged to stop. 'Since you are so