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very kind,’ said she, ‘I will just ask Mrs. Croft how she does, but I really cannot stay five minutes. You are sure she is quite alone?’ The possibility of Captain Wentworth had occurred, and most fearfully anxious was she to be assured either that he was within or that he was not; but which, might have been a question. ‘Oh! yes, quite alone. Nobody but her Mantua maker with her, and they have been shut up together this half hour, so it must be over soon.’ 'Her Mantua maker!—then I am sure my calling now would be most inconvenient. Indeed you must allow me merely to leave my Card and be so good as to explain it afterwards to Mrs. Croft.’ ‘No, no, not at all, not at all. She will be very happy to see you. Mind, I will not swear that she has not something particular to say to you; but that will all come out in the right place. I give no hints. Why, Miss Elliot, we begin to hear strange things of you’ (smiling in her face). ‘But you have not much the Look of it—as Grave as a little Judge.’ Anne blushed. ‘Aye, aye, that will do. Now, it is all right. I thought we were not mistaken.’ She was left to guess at the direction of his Suspicious; the first wild idea had been of some disclosure from his Brother-in-law, but she was ashamed the next moment, and felt how far more probable that he should be meaning Mr. Elliot. The door was opened, and the Man evidently beginning to deny his Mistress, when the sight of his Master stopped him. The Admiral enjoyed the joke exceedingly. Anne thought his triumph over Stephen rather too long. At last, however, he was able to invite her upstairs, and stepping before her said: ‘I will just go up with you myself and shew you in. I cannot stay, because I must go to the Post Office, but if you will only sit down for five minutes I am sure Sophy will come, and you will find nobody to disturb you; there is nobody but Frederick here’ (opening the door as he spoke). Such a person to be passed over as