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the sort of Woman Mrs. Griffiths must be—as helpless and indolent as Wealth and a Hot Climate are apt to make us. But we are not all born to equal Energy. What was to be done? I had a few moments’ indecision. Whether to offer to write to you, or to Mrs. Whitby to secure them a House? But neither pleased me. I hate to employ others, when I am equal to act myself, and my conscience told me that this was an occasion which called for me. Here was a family of helpless Invalids whom I might essentially serve. I sounded Susan—the same Thought had occurred to her. Arthur made no difficulties, our plan was arranged immediately, we were off yesterday morning at six, left Chichester at the same hour today—and here we are.’ 'Excellent!—Excellent!’ cried Mr. Parker. ‘Diana, you are unequal’d in serving your friends and doing Good to all the World. I know nobody like you. Mary, my Love, is not she a wonderful Creature? Well, and now, what House do you design to engage for them? What is the size of their family?’ ‘I do not at all know,’ replied his Sister, ‘have not the least idea; never heard any particulars; but I am very sure that the largest house at Sanditon cannot be too large. They are more likely to want a second. I shall take only one however, and that, but for a week certain. Miss Heywood, I astonish you. You hardly know what to make of me. I see by your Looks, that you are not used to such quick measures.’ The words ‘Unaccountable Officiousness! Activity run mad!’ had just passed through Charlotte’s mind, but a civil answer was easy. ‘I dare say I do look surprised,’ said she, ‘because these are very great exertions, and I know what Invalids both you and your Sister are.’ ‘Invalids indeed. I trust there are not three People in England who have so sad a right to that appellation! But, my dear Miss Heywood, we are sent into this World to be as extensively useful as possible, and where