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some degree of Strength of Mind is given, it is not a feeble body which will excuse us, or incline us to excuse ourselves. The World is pretty much divided between the Weak of Mind and the Strong, between those who can act and those who can not, and it is the bounden Duty of the Capable to let no opportunity of being useful escape them. My Sister’s Complaints and mine are happily not often of a Nature to threaten Existence immediately, and as long as we can exert ourselves to be of use to others, I am convinced that the Body is the better for the refreshment the Mind receives in doing its Duty. While I have been travelling, with this object in view, I have been perfectly well.’ The entrance of the Children ended this little panegyric on her own Disposition, and after having noticed and caressed them all, she prepared to go. ‘Cannot you dine with us? Is not it possible to prevail on you to dine with us?’ was then the cry; and that being absolutely negatived, it was ‘And when shall we see you again? and how can we be of use to you?’ And Mr. Parker warmly offered his assistance in taking the house for Mrs. Griffiths. ‘I will come to you the moment I have dined,’ said he, ‘and we will go about together.’ But this was immediately declined. ‘No, my dear Tom, upon no account in the World, shall you stir a step on any business of mine. Your Ankle wants rest. I see by the position of your foot, that you have used it too much already. No, I shall go about my House-taking directly. Our Dinner is not ordered till six, and by that time I hope to have completed it. It is now only 12 past 4. As to seeing me again to-day, I cannot answer for it; the others will be at the Hotel all the Evening, and delighted to see you at any time, but as soon as I get back I shall hear what Arthur has done about our own Lodgings, and probably the moment Dinner is over, shall be out again on business relative to them, for we hope to get into some Lodgings or