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  Upon the swelling, noisy waves intent,
That with a blustering and an awkward grace
Pay court where ocean comes to steal a glance,
I pictured thee a maiden fair, hard-wooed
By lover grey—a gallant poor in years.
But rich in gold and silver; ships that bear
From every clime their proper fruits and wares;
Spreading domains and stately mansions stored
With all the wealth of art. In the loud roar
The waves sent forth, methought I heard the tale
The lover told to win the blushing fair.
He spoke of bridal train that rich in robes.
Nor less in heartfelt joy, should lead the way.
When to the altar the bright concourse went.
By prancing steeds and glittering chariots borne.
He spoke of waiting train, of pomp, of show.
Of the high festival that frequent comes
Whereof his bride is queen ; and when his speech.
That wearied by its length and haughty sound,
Was done, the pompous lover vainly tried
To smile, and puffed his rosy cheeks that glowed
With tinge imparted by the viny juice.

  Anon I gazed upon the placid bay,
That murmuring laves the circling beach that lies