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In silent, sheltered solitude within,
Where the capes, closing towards the ocean swell,
Protect the lustrous harbour from the blast,
The surge, and the too frequent haze, and then
Methought I saw the same fair maiden wooed
By youthful lover, nestling at her knees.
In submiss tones, but suasive, he did speak
Of cottage home in well-cared garden set
'Mid circling trees that teem with tropic fruits;
Of walks beneath eve's azure canopy.
When silence sits amid the golden stars:
Of mutual love that grows as years decay;
Of sweet retirement from the frowns and sneers
The vulgar and the very-wise put on;
Of youth in modest happiness enjoyed;
Of age all peace, and death like to a sleep.

  Disturbed with thoughts conflicting, still the maid
Blushes and droops her eyes, that yet reveal
In growing lustre that she scorns not love.
Not cruel formed, to neither will she speak
The harsh denial. Though her kindest glance
Rests on the youth, to neither speaks she aye;