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bigger and clumsier and their paws are big and their tails are so little and short they are mere stubs.

Their weak little legs can't support their squat plump bodies at first, but in a few days they try to crawl about and in a few weeks they are pretty lively for little fellows.

It was a happy day in their little home when Mother Lynx led them out of the hollow log into the beautiful warm sunshine.

The little ones blinked their blue eyes and rolled about on the soft grass. Their father watched them with a proud light in his eyes, and no doubt he thought them the handsomest and smartest kittens in the whole world.

They waddled about on their sprawling short legs until they were so tired they were glad when their mother picked them up and carried them into the dim hollow log.

Mother Lynx catches wild mice and brings them home to her babies, just as old Tabby Cat does, and the kittens spit and growl and worry them in the most approved fashion. It isn't long before the Lynx kittens can catch their own mice