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Chapter Page
I Baby Beavers 23
II Baby Orang-Utans 31
III A Baby Hippopotamus 39
IV Baby Raccoons 47
V Baby Elephants 57
VI Baby Rhinos 67
VII Baby Bears 75
VIII Baby Camels 83
IX Baby Woodchucks 91
X Baby Skunks 101
XI Baby Tigers 111
XII The Baby Duck-billed Playtypus and Echidna 119
XIII Baby Kangaroos 125
XIV Baby Rocky Mountain Goats 133
XV Baby Gorillas 141
XVI Baby Canada Lynx 147
XVII Baby Llamas 157
XVIII Baby Foxes 167
XIX Baby Lions 177
XX Baby Musk Oxen 187
XXI Baby Leopards 193
XXII Baby Moose 201
XXIII Baby Porcupines 211
XXIV Baby Pumas 221
XXV Baby Giraffes 229