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tank most of the time, mainly to escape their critical eyes.

One day when he was eating his hay a dear little kitten walked into his cage and sniffed his nose. He sniffed back and found her most friendly. They became great chums and every day at dinnertime she called on him and they had a little visit together. She would curl up on his hay and doze, moving back a few inches at a time as he ate in close proximity to her little furry body. When she grew up and had little kittens of her own she took them to visit her hippo friend, who loved them as dearly as he loved their little mother.

When Caliph was eight years old he weighed eight thousand pounds and was a gigantic animal of terrific strength and power; but he never took advantage of these assets. His master had taught him some very interesting tricks and Caliph delighted in exhibiting his talents. He would open his great mouth to its widest capacity and let Master sit inside, never offering to close it until he was safely out of the huge fleshy cavern. Then he would permit him to put his head in his