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mouth, to ride on his back, and to brush his huge teeth with a stiff broom.

Caliph’s great delight was to take his master on his broad back and plunge into the swimming pool.

Our critical friends say that a Hippopotamus is not intelligent enough to be trained; that they are vicious, are not to be trusted, and have no memory. I give you these facts to disprove their theory and to give the Hippo a square deal. I feel that he is a much maligned beast. Many of them are loving, gentle and faithful, if handled by those who love and want to understand them.

The Hippopotamus is found in the rivers and lakes of Africa. He and the Rhino are beasts of another era and do not belong to this age. But they are so very interesting we would be sorry to see them go.

The Hippo is certainly not handsome. He has a huge barrel body submerged in fat mounted on short stumpy legs and a gigantic head with a mouth of such enormous size and capacity as to be positively terrifying. The huge, horse-like nose is covered with stiff bristles, the nostrils flare