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between the legs of their elders and nudge and but them from below.

They are exceedingly playful little scamps and like to have wrestling matched with the Elephant drivers. When a man was knocked down, the little beast would trample him with delight.

A big baby Elephant that I know of ran away from a circus one night. When morning came they set out to find him. In the late afternoon he was overtaken twenty miles from where he started. He was ruining every potato field he could find. He dug up several acres but didn't eat many. He wanted the fun of doing all the damage possible on his stolen holiday. When he saw his keeper approaching, he ran madly for the river and tried to hide himself under the water with only his trunk visible. He was promptly taken back to the circus and soundly scolded.

I want to tell you about Hattie, who is my friend's chum. He has known her since she was a helpless bundle such as I've just described to you. Their friendship began when he presented her with a harmonica and gently played into her big flapping ear. Hattie liked the sound im-