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he didn’t sleep much. The darkness was too stimulating for him, so he would quietly drop to the floor and start prowling. He was full of mischief at night. One of his favourite stunts was to pull the stopper out of the ink bottle and pour the contents over the white table cloth. He could unlatch the door and also turn a door-knob.

An irate member of the family was looking for our pet with a shot-gun. We saw if his life was to be spared we must hide him at once. I put a leash on him and tied him to the rear of the stable.

One bright, moonlight night, when the stars burned white against the midnight blue of the heavens, I heard a short, sharp bark from the woods. "Coonie" became restless and tugged at his leash. I could hear him moving about until the dawn broke. The next night the call was repeated; louder and nearer it came. "Coonie" became very restless and whined dismally. The following day be scarcely touched his food and fell into a feverish sleep as night approached. He grew very anxious and worried and made an examination of the doors and windows, sniffing eagerly at the half-open window in the kitchen.