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loud, trumpeting tones whenever he heard his footstep or voice.

Bosco was an apt pupil and in six weeks’ time had mastered the tricks taught him and went on the stage.

Two years later Mr. Hagenbeck happened to be in the same town were "Bosco" was performing. He inquired where the great beast was quartered and, seizing a handful of sandwiches, hurried to the stables. On reaching the door, he called in loud tones, "Halloo, Bosco!" and instantly the big herbivore emitted a joyful cry. As Hagenbeck approached him, "Bosco" began gurgling in his throat, after the manner of all his kind when anything pleases them very much. As soon as he could reach Mr. Hagenbeck, he seized him by the arm with his trunk, drew him close to him and licked his face, all the time gurgling loudly.

The Elephant is herbivorous. His food is chiefly grass or hay, tender leaves and succulent water plants. He loves sweets and dainties and is exceedingly fond of sweet fruits.

He is very fond of the water. He likes to swim