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opinion, belongs to the church, which is conceived in the word of God and born in faith.

"6. For the sake of order and to avert strife, three or four men may be chosen by the church, as once Peter and Paul, Barnabas and James.

"7. The apostles of Christ held councils, not to settle the doctrine of faith, but to maintain unity among the brethren.

"8. Their decision appears according to the 'level' of the Scripture.

"9. It searches, therefore, the divine Scripture, not papal dogmas nor councils, nor Fathers, nor schools, for the word of Christ will judge all things.

"10. Those only should be judges who are taught and inspired by God.

"11. They are such when they put away worldly passion and search the Bible.

"12. That is, they are not to contend with unspiritual verbosity, even to hoarseness, but to explain the dark places of the Scripture by the clear.

"13. Those who do that are blessed.

"14. And to them one should hearken.

"15. Their judgment will be sanctioned by the silence of the multitude.

"16. The church should be heard in things relating to strife and brotherly love; but in disagreement regarding the faith the Scripture is the only standard.

"17. It may well be that all men should especially teach, so that every one may learn and all receive comfort.

"18. Therefore has God given to the prophet the spirit of truth-speaking, and he is a teacher not of strife but of peace.