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An Evangelical Reformer

"19. He guards them also against false prophets; they mislead with flattering words the hearts of the innocent, after they receive from the Pope twelve times a hundred ducats.

"20. Beware of them, they are sons of hell.

"21. In this conflict, every one must teach equipped with the armour of the Holy Spirit.

"22. And the women must be silent and learn at home of their husbands.

"23. But if the men through fear have turned to women, then must these do men's deeds, like Deborah, and Argula of our own time.

"24. The judges should therefore be true theologians, not 'invested and provided with cowls,' but such as wear, according to the divine injunction, the 'breast-plate' of Aaron.

"25. The learned therefore are to hear; the learned are they who daily read the book of the law, and have Moses and the prophets.

"26. They who do not read this book ought not to be judges.

"Where now is this wise man, this Biblical scholar? Where is the disputer of this world? Is it Eck? Let him come to us, that renowned Hercules, from Ingolstadt. If I do not deceive myself, he will be taken with a 'herculean' sickness, he will suffer danger in the 'fray of the faith.' If he comes, we will praise him."

To this challenge, of course, Eck paid not the slightest attention—indeed, there is nothing to show that he ever saw it. The value of the document consists solely in the light that it throws on