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FINE large Folio BIBLE, compleat, Oxford 1727.
2  Ditto, with Maps, Notes, &c.
Clarendon's Hiſtory of the Rebellion, 3 Vols
Bayley's univerſal etimological Dictionary.
5  Marlorati Theſaurus Scripturæ.
Wiquefort's compleat Ambaſſador,  translated by Digby,  finely bound.
Hobbes's Leviathan, very ſcarce.
R. Barclay's Works,  compleat.
D. Rogers's Lectures on Naaman the Syrian.
10  Bunny's Head Corner-Stone.
11  Sturmii Matheſis Compendiaria.
12  Brown's Vulgar Errors.
13  Boccalini's Advice from Parnaſſus.
14  Bunyan's Works,  2 Vols. with fine Cuts.
15  The Common Prayerblack Letter.
16  Aſtronomia Anglicana.
17  Culpepper's Engliſh Diſpenſatory.
18  Hiſtory of Edward III.
19  Wood's Inſtitutes of the Civil Law.
20  Coke's Inſtitutes,  4 Parts in 3 Vols. 3d Edition.
21  Engliſh Pilot for the Northern Navigation.
22  Sea Atlas of all the known Coasts of the World.
23  Engliſh Pilot for the Weſt-Indies.
24  Livii Opera omnia quæ extant, cum Chronologia & Notis Glarianis.  Baſil 1555.
25  Leeke and Serle's Euclid,  with Dee's Preface.
26  Concordantia Bibliorum.
27  Carkeſs's Book of Rates ; with all the Acts of Parliament relating to the Cuſtoms.
28  Novum Teſtamentum Græcum, cum Interpretationibus Bezæ & Caſtalionis.