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29 Hooker's Eccleſiaſtical Polity.

30 Hormi accuratissima Orbis Delineatio, containing (beſides an Introduction to Geography) 67 curious Maps of ancient Geography, both ſacred and profane.

31 Cambden's Britannia, containing the Hiſtory and Antiquities of England.

32 Lock on human Underſtanding.

33 Herodotus, Græce & Latine, by T. Gale.

34 Malyne's Merchants Law, 3d Edition.

35 Domat's Civil and Publick Law, with additional Remarks by Strahan. 2 Vols.

36 Wingate's Maxims or Reaſons of the Com. Law.

37 Theſaurus Brevium, or Forms of Writs.

38 Leonard's Reports, 4 Vols.

39 Caſes in Chancery, 2 Vols. with M. S. Notes

40 Ventris's Reports, 2 Vols. bound in one.

41 Modern Reports, 2d;3d,4th and 6th Parts.

42 Hobart's Reports, 3d Edit.

43 Montaign's Eſſays.

44 Stapylton's Juvenal, with fine Cuts.

45 Monteth's Hiſtory of the Troubles of Great-Brit. 2 Vol.

46 Philips's New World of Words, being a compleat Engliſh Dictionary.

47 Minſhew's Dictionary of nine Languages.

48 Brown's Anatomy of the Muſcles, with fine Cuts.

49 Pindaris Opera omnia græce, cum verſione Carmin.Lyr. N. Sudocii. Oxon. 1697. N.B. This is the beſt Edition extant.

50 Syderfin's Reports.

51 A Collection of State Tracts, among which are. Truth confeſt by Papiſts, Growth of Knavery, Oats's Plot, Trials of S. Colledge and Sir Tho. Gaſcoigne for High Treaſon, &c. &c. &c.

52 Scapulæ Lexicon Græc. Lat.

53 Ariſtotelis Opera omnia, Græc. & Lat. 2 Vols. 1695.

54 Compleat Collection of all the Laws of Virginia.

55 Hylderſham's 152 Lectures on the 51ſt Pſalm.

56 Tyrrel's Enquiry into the ancient Conſtitution of the Engliſh Government.

57 Boccalini's Advice from Parnaſſus, reviſed and corrected by M. Hughes.