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58  ACOSTA's Natural Hiſtory of the Eaſt- and Weſt Indies.
59  Maps for the Greek and Latin Claſſics,  by Dr. Wells.
60  Clenardi Grammatica Græca.
61  Latin, French, Engliſh, Welſh and High-Dutch Bibles, of various Sorts and Prices.
62  Pemberton's View of Sir Iſaac Newton's Philoſophy.
63  Lenfant's Hiſtory of the Council of Conſtance, 2 Vols.
64  Cumberland's Law of Nature,  Engliſhed by Maxwell.
65  England's Morals of the Ancients.
66  Sprat's Hiſtory of the Royal Society.
67  Clagget's Tracts againſt Popery,  very ſcarce.
68  Hatton's Merchants Magazine.
69  Heereboard's Meletemata Philoſophica.
70  Wendelini Contemplationes Physicæ.
71  Collection of ſcarce Pamphlets,about Plots, Popery, &c.
72  Daillie's Right Uſe of the Fathers.
73  Littleton's Dictionary.
74  Boerhaave's Chemiſtry,  with a curious Appendix by Dr. Shaw.  2 Vols.
75  American Library.
76  Ciceronis Opera omnia, cum Notis Gruteri & Gronovii, 2 Vols.  Typ. Vander Aa.
77  Barrough's Method of the Phyſic.
78  Freinshemii Supplementum Livii.  N.B. This completes Livy's Hiſtory, N. 24.
79  Corpus omnium Poetarum Latinorum.
80  Hodgeſon's Mathematicks, 1ſt Vol. containing Geometry, Trigonometry, Navigation, Projections of the Sphere, Uſe of the Globes, and Logarithms.
81  Hatton's Arithmetick.
82  Philoſophia vetus & nova, Burgundienſis,  2 Vols.
83  Lord Bacon's Letters and Memoirs.
84  Shepherd's Touch-ſtone of Aſſurances, and Faithful Counſellor,  2 Vols.
85  Voſſius de Græcis & Latinis Hiſtoricis.
86  Chirurgie Francoiſe, par J. Dalechamps, avec pluſieurs Figures des Inſtruments neceſſaires pour l' Operation manuelle.
87  Powel's Attorney's Academy.
88  Godwin's Roman, Greek and Jewiſh Antiquities.