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89  Dictionaire Francois, Eſpaignolz & Latins.
90  Poetical Works of S. Daniel, dedic. to Q. Elizab.
91  Stillingfleet's Weapon-Salve for the Church's Wound.
92  Feltham's Reſolves.
92  Culverwell's Light of Nature.


94  BISHOP Hopkins’s Sermons on Man’s Mortality,
Danger of little Sins, of abſtaining from all Appear-
ance of Evil, &c.

95  Ovidii FaſtiTriſtia,  &c. cum Notis variorum.
96  Edward Ward's Miſcellaneous Works in Proſe and Verſe,  3d Vol.
97  Pagnini Theſaurus Linguæ Sanctæ.
98  Cooke's Marrow of Phyſic, Surgery and Anatomy,  with fine Cuts.
99  Alleſtree's Funeral Handkerchief.
100  Polybius's <span style="cursor:help; border-bottom:thin dotted cornflowerblue;" title="[sic] 'Hiſtory, tranſlated'">Hiſtory,tranſlated by Sir H.S. Bart. 2 Vols.
101  Rollin’s Roman Hiſtory,  3 Vols.
102  Hiſtory of the Heavens,  with fine CutsBy the Author of the Spectacle de la Nature.
103  Xenophon's Cyropædia,  tranſlated by Aſhly, 2 Vols.
104  Rights of the Chriſtian Church,  2 Vols.
105  Mudge's Sermons.
106  Johnſon's Sermons on the moſt important Points of the Chriſtian Religion,  2 Vols.
107  Lock's Letters concerning Toleration.
108  Enquiry into the Nature of the Soul,  2 Vols.
109  Terracon's Diſſertation on Homer's Iliad.  2 Vols.
110  Richardſon's Obſervations on Homer.
111  Chandler's Defence of Chriſtianity.
112  Butler's Analogy.
113  --------- Sermons.
114  Baker's Reflections on Learning.
115  Burnet’s State of the Dead.
116  Clarendon's Hiſtory of the Civil Wars,  6 Vols.
117  Life of Sethos,  2 Vols.
118  Life of God in the Soul of Man,  by Scougall, with the Author's Funeral Sermon.  (The best Edition.)
119  Gentleman's Magazine for 1731, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
120  London Magazine for 1738.
121  Horneck's Crucified Jeſus.122