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122  Taylor's Holy Living and Dying.
123  Blackmore on Conſumptions.
124  Jurieu's Hiſtory of the Council of Trent.
125  Floyer on Cold Baths.
126  Aſtel's Religion of a Church-of-England-Woman.
127  Fuller's Medicina Gymnaſtica.
128  Brown's Inſtitutions in Phyſick.
129  Hicks's Chriſtian Prieſthood, 2 Vols.
130  King's Enquiry into the Diſcipline of the primitive Church.
131  Burnet's Abridgment of Boyle's Lectures, 4 Vol.
132  Hoadly on Government.
133  Hoadly's Reaſonableneſs of Conformity.
134  ---------- Anſwer to the Committee.
135  Leſly's Finiſhing Stroke,  and Battle Royal between three Cocks of the Game (Hoadly, Higden & Hottentos.)
136  Boulton's Abridgmcnt of Robert Boyle's Theological Works, with the Life of the Author.  3 Vols.
137  Bayle on the Comet in 1680, with the life of the Auth.
138  Lock's Reaſonableneſs of Chriſtianity,  2 Vols.
139  Britiſh Apollo.
140  Athenian Oracle,  4 Vols.  compleat.
141  Shakeſpear's Plays, 1ſt, 2d and 3d Vol. with fine Cuts.
142  Dr. Potter's Diſcourſe on Church Government.
143  Paul on Eccleſiaſtical Benetices and Revenues,  with his Lifeby Lockman.
144  Frivall's Characters and Properties of Charity.
145  Lock on human Underſlanding,  2 Vol.
146  Alliance betwixt Church and State,  containint the Neceſſity of eſtabliſhed Religion, and Teſt Laws.
147  Leſly's Caſe ſtated between the Church of Rome and the Church of England,  and the Caſe farther ſtated.
148  Dupin's Method of ſtudying Divinity.
149  Morgan's Moral Philoſopher,  2 Vols.
150  Brown's Extent of the human Underſtanding.
151  Charron on Wiſdom, translated by Stanhope, 3 Vols.
152  Rapin's Critical Works,  2 Vols.
153  Bp.Parker's Hiſtory of his own Times, transl.byNewlin.
154  Puffendorff's Introduction to the Hiſtory of Europe.
155  Father Daniel's Hiſtory of France, 5 Vols. with the Heads of all the Kings engraven by Vander Gucht.