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Books in OCTAVO.

156  Hutcheſon's Enquiry into the Ideas of Beauty & Virtue.
157  Morrimer's Husbandry and Gardening,  2 Vols.
158  Seneca's Morals, by Leſtrange,  with fine Cuts,  12th Edit.
159  Rawlinſon's Method of ſtundying Hiſtory  2 Vols.
160  Cure of Deiſm,  in anſwer to Tindall and Shaftsbury.
161  Bland's Military Diſcipline,  with fine Cuts.
162  Hiſtory of the Revolutions of Spain approved by Vertot,  Engliſed and illuſrated with Notes by W. Morgan.
163  Abridgment of Etmuller's Practice of Phyſic.
164  Strother on Fevers.
165  Fontaine's Revolutions of Poland from the Foundation of the Monarchy to the Death of Auguſlus 2d.
166  Chamberlain's preſent State of Great-Britain.
167  L'Eſtrange's Æſop.
168  Banier's Mythology, and Fables ofthe Ancients.
169  Lediard's Life of the Duke of Marlborough,  with fine Maps and Cuts.  3 Vols.
170  Life of Prince Eugene.
171  Gordou's Geography, with a Set of new Maps by Mr. Senex.
172  Malbranche's Treatiſe of Morality.
173  Bp. Wilkins's Treatiſe of Natural Religion.
174  Poſt-Boy robb'd of his Mail,  2 Vols, in one.
175  Bp. Atterbury's Sermons,  4 Vols.
176  Warburton's Divine Legation of Moſes.
177  Dr. South's Sermons, 6 Vols.
178  Dr. Sydenham's Works.
179  Herrera's Hiſtory of America,  containing its firſt Diſcovery,  Conqueſt and Antiquities.  With fine Maps, Cuts,  &e, 6 Vols.
180  Shaftsbury's Characteriſicks,  with fine Head- and Taile-Pieces engraven by Gribelin.  3 Vols.  Beſt Edition.
181  Grecian Antiquities by Dr.Potter, 2 Volswith fine Cuts.
182  Kennet's Roman Antiquities,  with fine Cuts.
183  Lucas's Enquiry after Happineſs,  3 Parts, bound in 2 Vs.
184  Vertot's Revolutions of the Roman Republick.  2 Vols. with Maps.
185  Foſter's Sermons.
186  Tillotſon‘s Sermons, in 8 Volumes,  complete.
187  Dr. Woodward's Natural Hiſtory of Foſſils.  2 Volsbound in one.