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i·.,¤·¢ i !4OOK»SinOCT.AVO, 9 __ rs: `Hiftory of`Gcnghizc:1n the Great, {Sift Emperor of the Moguls and Tarmrs.; ' — rs; Barclcy’s Truth triumphant, 2. l·7»Ie.’ x9¤ Pardoifs Arithmeticlc. ,_ X9 1 Hill‘s Aritlimetick. 19E V1’ard`s Pofllxumous \'l’orks, rontnining hi: Nh oigntion, . ·' [;r4HimI¢tr.·¢I_/}1ec1¢I:tgiveGeometr_yg .S`urv¢yin_$·,’7rgonometry ‘ nm! I2o¢7ri»i¢· of the Splovrp, Y _ M . r9; M:1rtin`s Elements, ‘of`plain rmdlincal, {`phcricxl and i eonic Geomet , and Uoétrinc of Fluxions. All de. , inonflmted 6_y Alzéebrag in u new and mj} Method, · ' ‘ ‘ X94_ Longinus on thc Sublime, tranrlnted 6) W/[iam Smith, i` •%itHan Jcrount of the life, Writingr (9* l`6»rr48n· of tbe .A’utb•r, W]2o,"¢· mm Exim/oIe_#re»tz5t»'2enr at/I hirL»mr,l .4nd it bimjelf t Jegreat Sublime be dnryvr, Pope; t DS 'Qgincys Medicina {katie:. . ° l U6 De la Vougiorfs cortipleat Body of Surgery, with Curr of tbelieneluger, Suturet and the nereg'Zary_In/Zmmenrr, ’ ‘ 197 Dionyiii Orbis Defcriptio, cum tabulis. ist Gib(`on`s F¤rricr's new Guide, rontxining the .An4:orny _ pfu Horfr, DQ‘i·af¢·r, Sig.·:.r,___(`¢ufe:, and Method of Cure, with fue Cntr, { · ` ‘ _ t 99 Ditton cnthc Refurreétion ofC2’xriGI i ` zoo Dr. Du Vcil`s Explanation of the Aéts of the Apolllcs.; zot Hai Elm. Yokhdan`s’s Improvement ofrlumnn lleafon, · ` tranrlnted from the .At¤6iel{ by Mr. 0¢‘QIe_·y`, with fine Curr, ‘ zo:. Every M:m·his 0wnLawycr, éeingu Sumner) of all the i Lum: offnglund, ` * , ‘ i _ zo; Authority ofa Iuftiee of the Peace, by Mr. Nclfon. z¤4.·C0mplctc Conveyancer. , · ' •zos Screvelii Lexicon Grtcco-Lntimtm. " ‘ ' aes Boyer's French Diétiormry. _ zoy Cole’s Englifh-Latin Diétionary. ` ` i ·

o8· Busby’s 1reek Grammar in Latin Vcrfe. ‘ `

j`:o9 Clark on the Being and Attributes ofGod.. ` · zxo Dr. Cheney?. Philofophical Principles ofNaturnl1\elig. z r 1 Father $imon’s Critical Hiftory of thc Eafiérn Religion ‘ and Cufloms. · at t Flym’s zo Sermonsr zi; ’I'.Burn¢ttiDo&rin:1dercrxzm originibus. 4 Y4 G, Burx:et`s Hiiiory of his own Time, containing the - _ Hrpory of the Church mid State of England, from jamer I.; to Grange I, . with the I {fe of the tlutbor, zmb Mxpr and fn; ~ ¥ · Hmdr, éj Huubruken, 6 IGI:. I;·_ I;