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rc BOOKS in O.CT.Al’O,`

.15 Dr.S.Grav:(`andc’s Elemenrs of Natural Philcfophy,

a'r·m—m/}r.:."r·r{ diy Ex[u·rimmt.•·, i]/:4/}r.rr•nZ mit/1 Curr, 2. Vo/r. xw Dr. V,'arts`s Principles of Ai`twrwmy and Geography, wid: .1/ze Z},tvqf`M»r[1rund Ghéer, 2'X7 G00dm3n`s \‘('inrér-Evening Conference, §p•lYfl‘, ramp/, 4218 I’ieribn’s Cafe ofTythes, wir/2 an .,:Q·»;m:di.v, mn:.rinhrg 4 I)rgfe=;m· nfjbme or/mr Principlu of t/:1* Q4.r}(¢·r.r_ »: xy v<Juillim’s Heraldry abridged by Kent, :. IU/r·,»ri.»b (`urr,

.:¤ Commcréium Egiilolicum dc Analiii PIOXUOIA.
11 Dillerratibn bn Parties, _/ram r/u·0·.rjzrmrm, dnlicmvl :•

· dir I. zlpole,

2.: Dr. ]cnkins's ilcarforiablcnglk and Ccraainzy of the

. Chrihian Religion. 6rh [dir, z Ml:. 213 Dx. VL'atrs’s Flrilqfoplncai Elfays. V ill} Li‘(lcy`s {hor! and cal`y Method with the Dcifls and Jews, and the Truth ofClr:ilti:mi:ydcm0‘ni%r.1’ted. e zh; Bxa.ilcy‘s new lmprcvcrmncs in Planting and Garden- ing. -6:h Edrr. Wir}: All ./ipymndix cmrrxinirg x/so Harford- _ _ jY<irr=()rr5¤>t<_-7, .·i>¥¤/[ne £‘.·<.*.•·, (9*5 izé Mi·llcr'svGarit·n©:`s C}al¤¤;<‘Z.1r. » [Z? Ediiim. any Dr. S. Cl¤n“`< »C.2p0Viré0»a of the Church-Catechifm, . with/1i.r 3 pruHém*`,D{/R surJ‘:.»· on Bgtyirr, Canprmution Jud y O Kppentmrce, » _ 4 ‘ V ' $:9 S:.Be:iiard‘5, Ignatinisk, Clemcnfs and Polycgrrpusk fpilllcs; the Shepherd df Hcrmas, the Marryrdom of ' lgiiaxius and Pclycarp. P4¢Hi/lrtd £_y D, /V4:/(e, .¢u· Arch- B[i_ dj`(`.¢nre·r6ury, 4.*6 Eilitian, A _

9 I*ufYcnd0rK`s Lasvs<>fN¤turear1d Nations, ubrkfgvdiy

A/K $`pub»%}i, ·•$:ii.$ R.vrZe·)}r.rr’.v Nm:. 2 I4/r, M no Natural Hiftcry of·EnglHh and saber Singing-l35rd_s, wir}: 1/rv mw {:}:4* bf tl}: Fo;/g, Hm and Egg ufmtb .§`}u·¢‘i¢.r; A Ly Mr, .4I6in, · _ 4 ur Th0mp(`cn’sVSca`f`ons,Libeuy, and cthc: \V¤rks, with //m· Cult, 2 lib, _ 4 112 Six \'\.’rn.T¢xi$ple’s Introduélion ta, the Hillary cf`Bngl. ‘ isi v ··-—-- Lerccrsand Embafiy to the Hague. _ " $3+ RbZY7u's'Mcrl~r¢$d of reaching and Rudying thc Bcllcs Lefties. i, 7/dr, y · V V zu B=·vcrl§·‘s Hilhiry pfvirginia, wirlr Curs._ _ _y y H6 $xlu·i1iy‘sArchite£\urc, Smieks, Mcchmneks, Cvtrcks, i Ckrdyuicks. Dioptncks and Aflrouomyr $$7 ‘