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The Centaurians

of course; that's what you came over here for, to experience a losing game, never having done so before. But look sharp, ice-crusted volcanoes are risky toys. Notice anything peculiar about the remarkable Alpha? Certainly not; you are too much in love," he added hastily, not giving me time to reply. "She is different from all the women of this land. The first Centauri was an off-shoot of the Potolili or Octrogona tribes—mark that! She has colored blood. I suspected it when I saw the old boy; but one glance at your divinity and all doubts vanished."

"She is the most beautiful woman in the world!" I cried hotly.

"She is ravishingly beautiful," he replied; "but no white woman looks quite as she does. She is superb, but——. Take care, Sally, should you tire, as you are apt to—all men do—Centauri would be a dangerous place for us."

He stretched and yawned, while I, too full of emotion to retort, glared scornfully. He laughed good-humoredly as I hastened to my apartment.


The following day dawned clear, bright and hot. The heat irritated Sheldon and inspired orative propensities in Saxe.; both were engaged in argument as I entered the room reserved for—er—gossip.

"They are certainly a cold-blooded, soulless race," agreed Saxe. to Sheldon's testy exclamation; "Fish!"