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The Centaurians

Saxe.'s theory is very plausible, to some it would be the solution, but plausible theories are not always correct ones. I'll look for you often, Sally, a change, you know, is a wonderful restorative."

"Oh, I'll run over occasionally," I promised. "I believe in restoratives, but it doesn't always require a change."

"Bravo! bravo!" he shouted, twirling his glass. "Luck to Sally, and his—er—dangerous enterprise!"

Blushingly, I drank deeply.

"Better accompany Sheldon when he starts for the mountains," Saunders advised. "The polar scenery is no comparison to the fabulous Ocstas, and that freak ocean is the strangest, most unnatural sight man ever looked upon. I'll never go up there again," he added, "unless with approaching dissolution I should meander. Spirits always hover over the places that haunt them, theosophists whine. However, I'll need relaxation, and it's my intention to explore every portion of this continent before returning to my own. Probably I'll even join the expedition to the moon. This afternoon I go to the Observatory to remain indefinitely," he continued, "but lacking Sheldon's penetration, I still have to discover how I stand with my fellow scientists—we've already argued. They've been gaping at the pale planet for centuries, producing some marvelous maps and photographs, but are still in doubts about it. Opinions are varied, wondrous. Some believe it an old moon vanishing; others, that it's the young