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The Centaurians

blaze of a new sun, and I'm the only one positive. This pink phosphorescence (Saunders assumed his lecture pose) is a new world forming, a twin world to Earth, speeding, crashing through space with mighty velocity, erratically circling this globe in continually narrowing rings to sure disaster. The stellar twins cannot escape collision, then—either we absorb or it absorbs. The Infinite forms a mighty barrier against which all matter swirls grinding void. Should Earth be the under world it forms the barrier impeding the mad rush of that splendid pale mystery which, as it approaches, absorbs all life, pulverizing this globe. Ahem! we don't need to worry about it, though."

He chuckled comfortably, ignoring Sheldon, who muttered as though much relieved.

"I see great work ahead," he continued happily. "In the science of the stars we're about even with these people of mighty energy and boasted advancement. They follow a most complex system of astronomy, possibly when I've mastered the intricacies I may perceive the wonderful progress claimed; at present I believe my researches the most extended. Now who's going with me to the Observatory? Better all come and take a look around; you can return this evening."

Saxe. and Sheldon at once got busy with excuses. Before I could think up anything plausible Mike ushered in several gentlemen whom Saunders greeted effusively. Introductions followed. I was presented as the "gentleman who would accompany the party to the Observatory."