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home, and left his brother with the prophet before mentioned, who it is said, was taken suddenly ill, and found the pains of death coming on him. He anxiously called out for Mallinath, who being absent, his brother Paddi Bhat answered the sage, and came to his presence. The prophet vomited into his hands, and it is said, that Paddi Bhat by eating this vomit, became immediately inspired with a prophetic spirit, and possessed of scientific knowledge of every kind. Mallinath returned, and finding his master dead, and that his brother had received from the deceased sage, the gift of prophecy and knowledge, was quite inconsolable and uttered imprecations on his brother, because he bad forestalled him, and obtained a promise from him, that he would not compose any original work in his own name, but that he might write as many commentaries as he pleased. After this, Paddi Bhat wrote several commentaries, and five poems, entitled "Pancha Kavya, and Nishidham" a poetical history of Nala, and numerous comments on several difficult texts. He then made a tour to several holy places, and went to the