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Court of Sarvagna Singamaned, where he exhibited his poetical powers, and was dismissed from the Court of that monarch after receiving valuable presents.— Paddi Bhat constantly employed his pen in making commentaries on difficult works, but as no mention is made in any of his books o£ the number of expositions he wrote, no judgment can now be formed of the extent of them: those that have survived the destruction of time, are much esteemed by the learned. This poet died in. the sixty-second year of his age. His elder brother Mallinath composed a work entitled Mallinatheya, which consisted of one thousand verses that hear a double interpretation, and was much admired in all the Telugu provinces, the death of this, poet took place during the life time of his brother.


This poet was a Smarta Bramin of the Varanasi tribe, and a native of Bandar Sircar, he was the son of Venkatesa Kavi and lived in the fifteenth ceutury of Salivahana. In early life he