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This poetess was a princess, aod the daughter of Kristna Royaloo, she received an excellent education in her infancy, and was well versed in rhetoric and poetry, while in the bloom of youth she married Ramoroyaloo; after which she still continued her studies, and employed much of her time in reading, celebrated Telegu works, composed by the poets at her fathers court: by constant application she attained to considerable proficiency in the art of versification, and wrote a poem entitled Marichi Parinaya, the subject of which is taken from the Mahabarat. In this poem a very elegant discription is given of the Marichi damsels. The work consists of five books. This princess had no issue, and became unfortunately a widow, in the prime of life, and (according to tradition) was immolated on the funeral pile of her husband.


Was a king of Vidyanagar or Anagondi, and father to the princess just mentioned, he was enstalled to the throne at the death of his father