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Nrisimha Roya, and became renowned, both for his conquests and encouragement of literature. He was instructed in the art of Govenment by Appagi or Timmarasu, who was tutor to him during his minority. He was likewise a great conqueror, and invaded the Telugu and other countries, which he subdued by his armies. This monarch was very partial to Telugu poetry. Allasani Peddana dedicated to this sovereign, his poem named Swarochisha Manu Charitra: on this work Kristna Royalu made a commentary, which he called Amukta Mala, or necklace of pearls: in this effusion was comprised rules on public administration of affairs, and the duties of a sovereign. After this the king translated the Rasa Manjari, a treatise on amatory subjects; the Madalasa Charitra, a history of a celebrated king: the Sakala Katha Sara Sangraham, an abridgement of several popular tales. This prince was a great encourager of learning, and a munificent patron; he died in the fortieth year of his age, in the year of Salivahana 1446.